Tuesday, October 17, 2017

YAC meeting 10/17/2017

Hospitality Chair Activity:  5 minutes
Making boxes and posters   
Delivering them to front offices at different divisions

Food Drive 2017
Food Drive: October 30-Nov 3.  Halloween:  Hunger Hero, special prize costume???
a. Goal
b. Speaker:  Natalie Wood
c. Process 
d. Incentives
d. Letter to all division and OKC community by secretaries
e. Responsibilities
f. Sign-up to volunteer at YAC Community Room Wall
g. Social Media help- Marketing Department Help

Dress Up Day at Boys and Girls Club, Friday, October 27:  Mariam and Safra:  This is a kids cafe, after school food for kids program of the food bank

Make a Difference Day at Food Bank, Saturday, October 28th

Fall Fest Final Details
Treasury report
Supplies needed

UPDATESDig Pink- Pink OUT game tomorrow.  Attend and support Volleyball team effort
SockOctober for Citizens Caring for Children
Claire's Drive is this week.  Brink socks.  Claire needs volunteers


Welcome to the Facing Difference Challenge!

We've launched the Facing Difference Challenge: to help educators worldwide empower young people to reflect and take action toward building understanding, empathy, and peace.
By joining the Challenge, young people will create a meaningful self-portrait that reflects their sense of identity. Each portrait submitted generates funding from the Bezos Family Foundation—up to $600,000—to support programs run by CARE and Search for Common Ground, helping youth on different sides of conflict build peace.

It starts with you! Register here.

Differences help define who we are, and engaging with people who are different - sharing stories and learning about their experiences - broadens our own perspectives and makes us more creative, innovative, and aware. Why then is it so difficult to meaningfully engage with people and ideas that are different from our own? 
When we choose to avoid or ignore our differences, understanding can be replaced by division. This is happening in ways big and small, from bullying in our schools, to clashes in our communities, to civil wars waging around the globe.

Ready to take the Challenge right now? 

For a more detailed overview of everything you'll need to take the Challenge, read the Leader Guide. You can also take a look at our Learning Resources and Support Tools pages!
Take a look at all of the teams taking the Facing Difference Challenge - and find yours - on our team map (click here for an enlarged version):
Urban Mission Santa Store 2017
It’s nearly our favorite time of year! Santa Store will take place on Saturday, December 9th, 2017 from 9:00 AM—12:00 PM. We are so excited to bring Christmas to hundreds of families in need. However, we cannot do it without your help!
We love having volunteers partner up with us to make this event happen! If you are interested in working the Santa Store or would like to sign up a group, please email us at volunteer@urbanmissionokc.org or call us at 405-946-1556. This year we will have only one shift for volunteers from 8:30 AM—12:00 PM.

Urban Mission Santa's Store take place at 3737 N Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, (405) 946-1556

Sunday, October 8, 2017

YAC meeting 10/10/2017 at Harper

Minutes of the meeting by Claire R and brief additions by Mrs.  Clay

YAC minutes 10/10/17
Welcome Caroline H. and Mallory S.
Seniors:  Safra, Sharun
Juniors: Sahanya, Ali, Evi, Mason, Claire, Liz, Caroline, Mallory S.
Sophomores: Yasmin, Cooper, Saadia, Aaron
Freshmen: Gabriella K., Grace U., Katherine H., Abby K., Tina N., Lauren W., Isabel P., 
Meeting co-faciltated by Sahanya and Safra(a few minutes late)

Fall fest: 
  • jenga Mrs. Clay will have a Jenga for the kids who are waiting to get their picture finished.  
  • Photo booth: Idea from Claire, supplies and process from Cooper.  Helper: Sharun.  We will charge a $1.00.  Mr. Dema will help with some props.  Cooper will purchase the supplies through Casady credit card.  She also made a sign-up sheet. 
  • Need volunteers for Fall Fest, sign up by Mrs Clay’s office 
— bring all decorations and props by Wednesday
— we also need a background for the pictures (black/white sheet?) 
Bring food for bake sale 
  • Bake sale for wild life conservation fund.  Sign-up with Ellison 

Food Drive 
Speaker on the 25th 
This year, if you want service hours from drive, you have to write a reflection 
  • sign up to help during food drive! Sign-up at YAC room
  • Mrs. Clay will meet with the Freshman team organizers to see what the new ideas might be.  Only one of the freshmen had had time to read the Food Bank suggestions
  • Mrs. Clay said that this year we will be doing some electronic planning and reflecting.
October 30th - November 3rd 
Next Tuesday, setting up boxes from food bank.  All supplies from the Food Bank will be ready for YAC to personalized the drive. 

Citizens Caring for Children 
Oct 23rd - Oct 27th 
Bring new socks for children
Need volunteers, sign up sheet at YAC community room in Harper
Please help this project by Claire R.  It will be an UD only project. 

Hospitality Chair played a game that demonstrated how attentive one needs to be to see who becomes the leader of a project.

Speaker from Centennial

Main ideas: 
- Check Centennial's online planning and reflection tools designed by Chef Carrie, guest speaker.  

What would you do if you lost your home? What is your back up plan? 
A lot of kids in poorer environments are very resilient. They suffer through a lot of hardships all the time and they have to ready to answer that type of questions.  

  • They need our help, and we can make a difference in their lives! 
  • Students in Centennial when they bring cans for the Food Drive, they are bringing it for themselves.  Centennial is on 100% free meals, breakfast and lunch.



1. Fall Fest: Jenga, Bake Sale for Wild Life, Photo Booth, Sponsorship from Dave and Buster's

2. Food Drive: Chapel Speaker Presentation introductions needed all chapels.  Natalie Wood from Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  Process for every division for the Food Drive.  Implementation of technology in reporting and reflecting

3. Drive Proposal from Claire. R.   Attendance to Youth Action March Report by Claire

4. Funding for projects:  Grant selection

5. Reflection and Feedback of peace week via padlet.com



United Nations Association of Oklahoma Speaker also Interfaith Alliance Award Winner at annual award banquet.

United Nations Association of Oklahoma will feature guest speaker Jamie Caves. Jamie Caves is the president of Sisu Youth Services.  Sisu Youth Services began when a mother of five decided “there are no other options out there” was not an option.
Under Jamie’s leadership as president, Sisu Youth Services offers a safe and inviting overnight shelter. At-risk youth may use laundry, showers, a donation closet, hot meals, a food pantry, and more. Teens aged 15-17 may use the dorm, an overnight shelter.
“When we started, there were just no beds (in Oklahoma City) for unaccompanied minors,” Jamie told The Oklahoman.  The Oklahoma Association of Realtors recognized Jamie with the Community Rock Star Award. The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy recognized Sisu Youth Services with the 2016 Laura Choate Resilience Award.  Jamie’s work is in alignment with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Some examples are No Poverty, End Hunger, and Good Health and Well-Being. 
The United Nations Association of Oklahoma City is proud to host Jamie Caves at on October 26th at 6:30 PM at The Jones Assembly. RSVP on Facebook.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Peace Week 2017 Memories

Special thanks to Mr. Marshall Palmer for the video of Peace Day and to Mr. Mark Coate for the Peace Sign in front of chapel.

Special thanks to Mr. Curt Foster for the video about Peace Week 2017

Click HERE to see details of UD Peace Week 2017

YAC meeting 10/3/2017

10/3/17 meeting went throughout the entire activities period.   Expect meetings with relationship building activities to last the whole period.
Attended the meeting:
Freshmen:  Sophia Mathis, Katherine H., Grace U., Gabriella K.
Lauren W. Isabela P., Tina N.
Juniors:  Liz W., Evi W, Aliyah A.Meg B.,Ellison G.
Seniors: Sharun P., Mariam S.
Sophomores:  Aaron P.

Minutes by Elli and Mrs. Clay

-We played the game, skittles, to get to know each other. We learned about favorite foods, goals, and embarrassing moments

-Then, we looked at leaderships styles with compass.  The team for the Food Drive has representatives from all compass quadrants.  
The Food Drive planning started asking the freshmen present at last meeting if they would consider leading the Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2017.  Lauren W., Tina N., and Isabela P. will be the head facilitators of the Food Drive.  All freshmen present at 10/3/2017 meeting will help the 9th grade facilitators.  YAC members should be involved in one way or another. If you Give TIME you will RECEIVE TIME when your DRIVE time comes.  Freshmen present at 10/3/2017 meeting:  Sophia M., Katherine H., Grace U., Gabriella K., Lauren W. Isabela P., Tina N.

For the Freshman Food Drive Team to read
click Here  to read about the Food Drive 2016 (only as a point of reference...We are looking forward to "The freshman 2017 Touch" for the Food Drive 2017).  

-First idea at last YAC meeting was a competition of some kind.  An idea was for daily winners to get first access to salad bar..."Food-4-Food"  Every idea needs to be submitted to Coach T. and Dr. Powell in writing.

-Secretaries will write the letter to parents.  

-Hospitality chair will help the secretaries. 
-Maybe the treasurer could write a make a difference grant for activities benefiting the Food Bank and Boys and Girls Club this week.

-October 28th is Make a Difference Day.  Costume party at Boys and Girls Club was a personal project proposed by the Co-Presidents at the last meeting. This activity, if it happens will take place on Friday, October 27th.  Boys and Girls Club is closed on Saturday, October 28th.  YAC could go to the Food Bank on the 28th as the 30th begins YAC's Food Drive.  YAC members can sign-up at YAC Wall beginning next week.  The calendar coordinator needs to contact both organizations to see if their organizations will welcome YAC on those days.

Suggestions from the Food Bank for the Casady Food Drive 2017
Visit the Teacher Toolkit, which has resources to help engage your students and help make your drive successful.  Please let me know if you:
·         Would like to schedule a speaker to talk to your students
·         Want to volunteer with…
o    Your class, as a field trip or on a weekend
o   Family/Friends, birthdays and get-togethers
·         Have any questions  Contact Natalie Price Wood, Manager of Donor Relations, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, nwood@regionalfoodbank.org, 405-600-3174

2. Fall Fest and Wild life drive during Fall Fest:  
-Ellie proposed a bake sale as a Wild Life Drive during Fall Fest.  
-Jenga is the game YAC wants to play to attract people to the booth.  
-Mrs. Clay will bring the game- she will borrow the game from Boys and Girls Club. 
-Jenga money goes to YAC (How will this work. We need more ideas to make money for YAC operating budget).  Bake sale proceeds goes to Wild Life.  Last year we made $30 because there were so many baked good sold.  Good ideas with some hurdles to overcome.

3. Peace Week-Peace Day  ON PARKING LOT
Article for Shinnyo-en Foundation by Secretaries.  See what happened HERE.  Mrs. Clay thanked YAC for their facilitation of speakers and helping assemble PD students and LD girl scouts pinwheels for Peace.  Special thanks with small tokens of appreciation went to Luke, the UD, MD Choir, and choir teachers at all division, and the UD Orchestra as well as the teachers involved (UD:  Mr. Delgrosso: Water Walk, Mrs. Bek-gram: Human Rights and Deputy Justin Dang: Economic Justice speeches, MD: Mrs. Robertson-Sentiments of Peace and introduction of speakers: International Club, Mrs. Hubert: Art Class Pinwheels for peace, Mrs. Omelia: Service Club banners to those who served on 9/11; LD: Mrs. Thompson: Being in someone else's shoes project, Mrs. Lopez: Peace Movement in Spanish classes; PD: Mrs. Fowler -Pinwheels manager- and Mrs.  Matias for peace song.  Special thanks to Mr. Curt Foster and Mr. Marshall Palmer for the Peace Day and Peace Week 2017 Videos and to Mr. Mark Coate for the Peace Sign and Labyrinth.

4. Hurricane Relief ON PARKING LOT
The Pinwheels for Peace Project has been contacted to see where the "ruler pinwheels" could be useful in Florida.

5. Mentoring updates ON PARKING LOT

a. Best Buddies
From Zac:  Everyone PLEASE do membership app if you haven't yet!
Listed below are the minutes for the Best Buddies meeting Friday, September 29th at Activities

In case you missed it today, the Best Buddies meeting covered what we're gonna accomplish for the upcoming year! 

-First, we're gonna visit Special Care and meet kids. 
-After we have visited, I'm gonna interview anyone that wants a buddy. 
-Anyone that has a buddy will be called a peer buddy, but if you don't want a buddy that's perfectly fine! You will be an associate member and there's plenty of opportunities within the club besides having a buddy. 
-We will have a matching party for people who want Buddies. 
-We also need a secretary, treasurer, and a special event committee for planning future monthly events. 
-Let Zac know if you want a position and a buddy, thanks guys!

 People who attended: 

Grace utz
Olivia utz
Katherine hawley
Gabri Karam
Katherine Schoeffler
Sara Gibson
Nia Blackwell
Margo Naifeh
Chloe richards
Sarah Bozalis

b. Positive Directions @ Stanley Hupfeld Academy

Only one complete application and contract
We have a total of 5 applications.  Contracts need to be turned in.  
Katherine needs to find a partner.
We will have a meeting with Tobi tomorrow during Activities at Harper

Sunday, September 24, 2017

9/26 Meeting: Food Drive,Peace Week, Hurricane Relief, Positive Directions Mentors

Minutes by Co-President and Mrs. Clay
Attended:  Mariam, Safra, Ahmed, Saadia, Tina, Lauren, Isabela

YAC Service Activities
-Connected to help request by Dr. Waldrop and Mr. Delgrosso: Send information to UD parents about ASSIST Program.  We stuffed and labeled 300 envelops for the new ASSIST Program.  1st STEP (Standing Together Embracing Prevention), formerly ASSIST, is a non-disciplinary health system that serves to complement the School's philosophy of educating students in "Mind, Body and Spirit". Previously called ASSIST, 1st STEP seeks to be that safe place that provides a private avenue for friends/adults to express concerns about students' alcohol or other drug use in relation to physical or emotional health.     

-Connected to Food Drive 
Create teams to work on the Food Drive based on Compass
Leadership Teams. Goal: Have greater participation from the high school students The Food Drive planning started asking the freshmen present if they will consider leading the Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2017.  Lauren W., Tina N., and Isabela P. will be the head facilitators of the Food Drive.  Here is what we did last year (only as a point of reference...We are looking forward to "the freshman 2017 touch for the Food Drive).  
First idea was competition of some kind.  An idea was for daily winners to get first access to salad bar..."Food-4-Food"  Every idea needs to be submitted to Coach T. and Dr. Powell in writing.

Secretaries will write the letter to parents.  Hospitality chair will help the secretaries 

October 28th is Make a Difference Day.  Costume party at Boys and Girls Club was a personal project proposed by the Co-Presidents

-Connected to Getting to know each other
Hospitality Chair will play the Skittles Game On parking lot.  Hospitality Chair was not present

-Connected to Hurricane Relief: Write notes of encouragement on pinwheels made by MD students for Peace Week.  On parking lot, unable to Contact school in Florida

Suggested Agenda: 

1. Food Drive 2017, Secretaries will make the flyer for the bulletin boards and the letter for the Casady Community.  The letter will be sent by the Marketing Department after it is revised.   

2. Peace Week Reflection and feedback on post-it notes (attendance taking) Informal reflection started.  Good on speakers.  Two speakers great because attention could shift.  The last speaker was random and too long.  Other speakers kept the interest of at least one of the YAC members. Reflection will continue at next meeting on October 3rd.

3. Hurricane Relief   Cheerleaders t-shirt sale, No update from Katherine

4. Positive Directions Mentors  Applications due today.  Several applications came, but we will wait until October 3rd to turn them in.  



The seventh and eighth graders enjoyed SEE Period at Andrew Johnson Elementary. They did partner reading and played Dolch sight word games with primary students at AndrewJohnson Elementary. Memories of SEE Period at Andrew Johnson HERE.

In the afternoon, a group of eighth graders had their SEE Period at Our Spot Head Start Program.   

Learning about Our Spot Head Start Program

The 8th-grade kids were prepared to use Dr. Javier Carrasco Literacy Lab Activities at Our Spot. Cyclones joined the children during their snack time and did activities to get to know each other.  Some Cyclones shared parts of Dr. Carrasco's Literacy Lab Activities.

Spelling our names game

The goal of this first visit was to get to know each other. 

The 8th-grade teachers supervising the activity stated that the SEE Period at Our Spot went very well. All involved enjoyed their time together.  

Facing Difference Students Rebuild Challenge Unveilled

On Peace Day, September 21, 2017, Students Rebuild unveiled its FACING DIFFERENCE CHALLENGE.

Students Rebuild is partnering with CARE and Search for Common Ground to support young people around the world in planting seeds of peace through facing, engaging, and celebrating our differences.

Why facing difference? Let’s be honest—facing difference can be hard. Whether it’s as simple as engaging across the generational lines or as deeply rooted as different faith beliefs and cultural values, it can be easiest to turn away from things that may challenge our views and simply “face” things that are familiar.

When we look around the world today, many of the challenges both big and small—from kids being isolated at school to some of the violent protests that happened this summer around the United States—stem from the inability to effectively engage people and ideas different from our own.

Cyclones are invited to consider their own identity and how they can act as peace-makers in Oklahoma City. They’ll also be supporting young people working towards peace in conflict areas in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and in the South Caucasus region.

To support Cyclones learning through this Challenge,  Students Rebuild Challenge is providing educational resources to deepen understanding. There are new Project Based Learning Units from the Buck Institute of Education, a new virtual reality experience and increased virtual exchange conversations from Global Nomads Group (coming October 1st), and that’s just the beginning! 

Upper Division Casady Service Learning and Students Rebuild Challenge invite Oklahoma City Youth to make a highly personal piece of art, a self-portrait  The Bezos Foundation will match $3—largest match to date.  Since 2010, when Students Rebuild began, they have believed in the power of young people to make the world a better place. This year’s Challenge represents the “face” of who we are at our best—a community of hundreds of thousands who are doing what they can to create positive change and build peace.

For the past three years, the Casady Service-Learning Program has undertaken the Students Rebuild Challenge as its Global Youth Service Day Project.  The first year, sophomore Ananya Bhaktaram brought the literacy challenge to YAC (Youth Active in the Community).  YAC sent over 7,000 bookmarks and provided funding for literacy programs in Peru and Indonesia.  Ananya connected to her Temple, family, friends and Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park.  Casady Cyclones were featured in the Global Nomands teleconference with Peru and had the opportunity to see the bookmarks delivered to the children in Andahuaylas, Peru.  

In 2015, Cyclones Mallory W. and Gabrielle M. facilitated the Healing Classroom Challenge making 600 pinwheels in collaboration with Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park which supported Syrian Youth Refugee healing programs.  

The Healing Classroom Pinwheel Exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles is an interactive installation of the youth-made pinwheels that were donated to support Syrian children learn, heal, and grow through the Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms challenge. For every handmade pinwheel mailed, the Bezos Family Foundation donated $2 – totaling $400,000 – to support the International Rescue Committee’s Healing Classrooms program. For Syrian children, Healing Classrooms provides a secure, nurturing environment that helps them learn, heal, and grow. 

To generate more awareness, a group of students at Montlake Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, designed this interactive museum installation in the spring of 2017 using pinwheels submitted for the Challenge.

Image may contain: indoorNo automatic alt text available.

In 2016, Gabrielle and Mallory facilitated the Youth Uplift Challenge. 3,000 decorated hands, a resulting collaboration with YAC, Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park and Oklahoma Centennial High School, Consumer Science and Technology Class were mailed in April 2016. The hands were match with funding to provide training for youth in Indonesia and Nicaragua.  Check out the Student Impact Report for the Youth Uplift Challenge!

This summer, Students Rebuild partnered with DEC artists and L.A.-based street artist Teachr to host Youth Uplift L.A., where Teachr showcased a unique and interactive art piece featuring the creative, colorful, and thoughtful hands!

Make A Difference Day#MDDAY
Let's make a difference on October 28!
Volunteers across the country will unite on October 28 with a single purpose: to improve the lives of others. JOIN US!Oct. 28
Learn more at MakeADifferenceDay.com
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