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Casady’s Service Learning Program continues the School’s mission to develop excellence, confidence, and integrity in students, and through Service Learning, it empowers them to realize their potential to make a difference in the community. Service is a path to peace and joy. Casady’s Director of Service Learning and her office are resources to encourage students, faculty, parents, and staff to explore volunteer experiences. “Like a pebble, each small act of service could collectively add to a path to peace.”  Shinnyo-en Foundation, Infinite Paths to Peace
The Primary Division is Montessori-based so its Service Learning Program connects the youngest Cyclones to excellence and to Maria Montessori’s belief that “Global Peace Begins in the Classroom. During the Infant Crisis Services, Hope for the Holidays Drive 2016, a Pre-Kindergarten child took the money she made during the summer in her lemonade stand and bought the largest carton of diapers she could find.” Katherine Schoeffler’19
The Lower Division focuses on project-based Service Learning. Grade-level faculty teams develop student-confidence for initiatives such as the third grade, Fair Trade Chocolate Project. By buying and selling Fair Trade Chocolate, students learn about non-profits, graphing, percentages, marketing, and collaboration. Students problem solve creatively and donate funding.” A Washington D.C NYLC Casady Showcase Conference Participant
The Middle Division incorporates SEE (Service Exploration Experiences), Service Club, International Club, religious education classes, and the School’s traditional “house system” to provide academic outreach. Students develop relationships within the surrounding community and serve at Andrew Johnson Elementary, Special Care, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Brookdale/Tuscany senior facilities, and others. Proceeds from weekly donut sales provide scholarships at Bishop McAllister College for Ugandan orphan children, which is a project facilitated through religious education classes. Middle Division seeks to empower students for Upper Division servant leadership, a portrait of service and integrity.
The Upper Division promotes a service-oriented life, with the intention of yielding joy and peace to the participants. The challenge is to maximize potential and make a difference in local and global communities. The charge is to GIVE, GROW, and TRANSFORM. The 45-hour service requirement is intended to align a student’s  heart, mind, spirit, and actions. Students begin the process with a reflective question: If there are infinite paths to peace through service, what’s yours? The Upper Division faculty employs service initiatives through academic curriculum, Student Council, and clubs.  Two service youth boards in the Upper Division are: YAC ( Youth  Active in the Community) and Youth LEAD OKC (Leaders Engaging Across Differences).  
Casady Community Service Learning Upper Division Youth Councils
Students address inequities within the surrounding environment. Educators collaborate with students to find solutions.
“Teens Create. Organize, Facilitate, Serve, Resist to “Do Something” to make social justice happen


Established 2005 by Cyclones Grayson Walker ’07, John Scot Overbey  ’07

Youth Active in the Community -  Helping Find Passions for Serving

Participating in the Community to Improve Lives
Experiences for youth, to youth, by youth
2017-18  YAC Planning Team: Safra S. Mariam S., Ellison G., Katherine S., Hannah H., Sahanya B., Anna B., Claire R., Mallory W., Mason T., Ahmed H., Saadia N., Malavika R., Aaron P., Luke A., Sharun P., Zac C., Jacob B., Ford W., Cooper L.  Sponsor: Carmen Clay ’74

IMG_0018.JPGYouth LEAD OKC    

Established 2011 by Sidney Jones ’15 (Casady), Sam Karchmer (Heritage Hall ‘15), Dané Norwood (Douglass High School ‘15), Sirenee Khadre  (Mercy School Institute/Edmond Santa Fe High School ‘16)

Reflect  Connect  Act - Diverse Backgrounds LEAD to Improve Lives
2017-18 Summer Planning Team:  Mallory W., Natalie H., Angela J., Cooper L., Aamira O., Ryan H. Mariam S. , Safra S.  Mentors: Shannon Presti, YMCA OKC; Carmen Clay, Casady Service Learning Program; Buthaina Jwayyed, Mercy School Institute; Noel Jacobs Respect Diversity Foundation
Meets once a week at time determined by Planning Team at Casady’s Harper Wing, building adjacent to Chapel. Contact: Carmen Clay ’74, 405-520-1325 (cell), 405-749-3103 (office),
Meets at diverse location with default location  at YMCA Corporate Headquarters, 500 N. Broadway, OKC 73120.  Contact: Shannon Presti, 405-361-8825 (cell),
Direct/indirect advocacy, research and philanthropy volunteer opportunities and service learning experiences developing 21st century skills and global citizenship. YAC is part of the spiritual formation of Casady students. YAC is funded by Fall Fest Fundraiser and Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair Endowment.
Direct/indirect advocacy service learning experiences developing facilitation skills and global citizenship. Youth LEAD OKC is funded by in-kind donations from participating organizations.
2017-18 Calendar         Theme: Social Change Voices
June- July 2017:  FedEx Time, Strategic Planning:  Mentoring, Peace Week
August 2017:   Faculty at Food Bank ( 8/16),  Orientation, Clubs Fair,  YAC Open House, Best Buddies, Positive Horizons, and Boys and Girls Club mentoring
September: 11 Days of Global Unity (9/11-9/21 IDP)-PEACE WEEK, Stanley Hupfeld and Best Buddies Drives, United Nations Sustainable Global Goals Advocacy
October: Food Bank Drive ( 10/30-11/3) - Fall Fest - Make a Difference Day
November: Happy Tails Drive (11/13-11/15), HALO DOGS DAY (11/15),  Final Exams (11/16-11/21)
December:  Blood Drive (12/13: 6:30-1:00, Wing)  ICS Hope for the Holidays Drive (12/1-12/13)
January:  National Mentoring Month.  Martin Luther King Jr.  Day (1/15)
February: Random Acts of Kindness Week (2/11-2/18): Guild of Saint George Drive Fat Tuesday Breakfast  (2/13), Warm Project for Positive Tomorrows (2/17),
March: Perfect Pair: Homeless Alliance Drive (3/5-3/9),  National Service-Learning Conference Justice in Action( 3/11-3/13), Spring Break( 3/15-3/25)
April: STUCO’s Walk-A-Thon(4/6)  National Volunteer Week; (4/ 15- 4/21) Presidential Service Awards: Global Youth Service Days: Run to Remember; Earth Day (4/22), ISAS (4/12-14) & OKC Arts Festival, AP Exams (5/7-5/17)
May:  Senior send off, and thank you volunteers tidbits. Fedex Time Strategic Planning 2018-19, HALO DOGS DAY (5/18), Final Exams (5/22-5/25), LD Drive for Dr. Seuss Birthday Books for Mentoring YAC Programs
2017-18 Calendar     Theme:  Cultural Competency Skills
July 30-August 3, 2017:  Camp Anytown, Oklahoma 2017, at Saint Crispin's Conference Center and Camp  is sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice.   This human relations camp promotes self-esteem, good citizenship, and leadership in an atmosphere steeped in rich diversity.  The Anytown program has  been described as  a “life-changing” opportunity by those who attend. The experience has made a difference in the lives of more than 1,000 teens since its inception in 1994. For additional information, click HERE. You can also contact the OCCJ office at 918-583-1361 or email

August  16 Casady Faculty In-service  at Food Bank:  YLOKCasady and YAC  facilitate Deep listening reflective dialog of  pre and post experience.

TBA:  YLOKC Multicultural Deep Listening Dialog at Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum

September 2017: Oklahoma Conference of Churches Interfaith Youth Tour, September 17, 1:00-5:00 PM.  $15 fee to participate. Reflection facilitators.

October 10/28-11/11 French Student visit to Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum.  YLOKCasady available resource to facilitate deep listening reflective dialog.

More  information about the Casady Community Service Learning Program at

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