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What is Best Buddies International?
The world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 

Best Buddies Casady Club, OKC BB Expansion Chapter Plan for School Year 2017-2018

President: Zac C.
Vice-President: Sahanya B.  (?)
Buddy Director:
Sponsors:  Special Care Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs Danna Martin, Mrs. Carmen Clay.  Adult resource: Father Marlin

Process to Establish the Club/Chapter at Casady School.  

- Contact Special Care to check for possible best buddies and schedule on 8/2/2017.  
- Special Care Youth Board member application completed by Zac
- Update Best Buddies OKC informational brochure and application information
- Connect to interested Best Buddy Cyclones from 2016-2017.  Ask them to apply online

- Approval of applications by Zac.  Stress commitment to personal chosen meetings schedules 
***Weekly Buddies meetings required to build relationship.  Build Trust!  Avoid cancelling meetings.
***Casady School and Oklahoma City University have the only Best Buddies Clubs in OKC. 
- Visit to Special Care as a group in August or September

-Best Buddy Club/Chapter:  Who wants a buddy, who wants an office.  Sahanya as VP. Connected to YAC/ SC.
- Zac/Mrs. Martin/Special Care Volunteer Coordinator Interview buddies & peer buddies

- Match Party at Special Care
- The Club will have "relationship building and fundraising events such as bowling, gardening, rain barrel painting, etc. The Club is under the sponsorship of the Casady Service Learning Program and YAC.  

****March is Best Buddies Month.  The LD will have a Dr. Zeuss book collection for Best Buddies
- The cost of operating the club is $350 annual fee which in 2017-2018 was covered by Zac's parents
- The club has $60 for operating expenses from proceeds of Fall Fest 2016.
- Club/Chapter Officers meetings will be at the YAC Community Room.  
- Communication by Zac, via meetup. Best Buddies Club Secretary sends agenda and minutes to this blog. 
- Social Media outlets will be used to promote, share, and reflect club activities and buddy "special experiences"
- Adult site supervisor for certification of hours, if hours are desired, is the Special Care Volunteer Coordinator 

BBLC Notes
- Success within buddy pairs
- Social media
- Help people recognize the need of empathy for everyone
- Chapter advisor will be there for me
- Recognition, Order, Chaos
- Ambition, Cooperation, Support
- Commitment, Comradely, Companionship
- Optimism, Empathy, Love
- Teamwork, Helpfulness, Independence
- Happiness, Results, Kindness
- Attendance, Consistency, Passion
- Receptiveness, Guidance
- My Three: Commitment, Results, Empathy

- Themed
- Snacks
- Booth at registration
- Roxy's Ice Cream Social Pre-Match Party
- Match party
- Bowling pizza party
- Harvest Party
- Talent show
- Holiday party
- *Rest on list

Types of Meetings:
- Officer Meetings  at Casady YAC Community Room on date  and time TBA
- Chapter Meetings at Casady and Special Care  Dates, Times and Location TBA
- Chapter Activities around OKC.  Connections to YAC, STUCO, Special Care Youth Board
- Buddy Pair Meetings  Once a week at best personal time for buddies

- CP -- oversee, delegate, contact program manager & advisor
- Buddy Director -- manage communications; make sure everyone's having a good time
- VP -- support CP; plan activities
- Secretary -- takes care of BBO, take notes at meetings
- Treasurer -- in charge of money; raise funds; budget logs; plans fundraisers

- Comfort levels
- Physical or not physical
- Quiet or loud
- Favorite dessert
- Favorite color
- T-shirt size  

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